Video Recipes

Did you ever feel the urge to ask for a job in a restaurant you loved just so you could get a behind-the-scenes education in how your favorite dishes were prepared? We understand, because we’ve been there too. And that’s why we offer our tantalizing series of video recipes!

Presented by professional chefs, these video recipes give you a quick visual education on how to make several different desserts, salads, side dishes and main dishes. Take a couple of minutes to learn how to prepare spicy chicken tacos or roast a duck with saffron-honey glaze. Learn how to prepare a new version of an old favorite dessert with our video recipe on how to bake chocolate banana nut bread. Add some other new desserts to your repertoire with video recipes for delectable desserts like caramel pecan bars, restaurant-quality chocolate pie, decadent chocolate grape truffles or healthy blueberry lemon muffins.

Our video recipes also help you learn about cooking with new ingredients or new cooking methods that you’ve never tried. If you’re never made salmon tartare, ricotta tart, squash risotto with jumbo shrimp, clams with spicy tomato garlic sauce or edamame hummus, now is the time to learn!

You can also use our video recipes to learn how to make jumbo lump crab cakes, pan roasted diver scallops or vegetable fricassee. Just click play, sit back and get ready to take notes as a professional chef teaches you new recipes, cooking tips and cooking techniques.

All of our video recipes are hosted by professional chefs, but all the recipes on were submitted by your fellow foodies and food bloggers. If you have a blog and you want to submit a recipe (or several) of your own to, we welcome you to do so! Just hit Submit Content to tell us all about your blog and join our community of serious foodies. We’re committed to sharing our love of good food with food lovers all over the Internet, one recipe (or video recipe) at a time!